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Cyber Pinochle Songs

28 Creamy Porn Stars' Cyber Pinochle Songs

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Friday, November 10, 2006

Cortex Power Station

Painstakingly rendered in the fall of 2006 using only the finest quality ingredients.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Crafty Pure Strategies

25 Creamy Porn Stars crafty pure strategies comes from 2004 and was inspired by a new method I came across to make loop music.

Color Pink Sells

Barking up another tree 24 Creamy Porn Stars know The Color Pink Sells is another roundabout way of making twisted entertainment for the loopy age.


Careen Past Sensibility

Starting of quizically with voices and tape swipes come 23 Creamy Porn Stars. Careen Past Sensibility shifts into one-dimensionality before becoming the rich and quixotic work it is.

Cantilevered Panic Spots

22 Cantilevered Panic Spots from my birthday June 16, 2003 is a sweeping enjoyable tromp d'oiseaux.

Cranky Powerless Shalavas

21 Cranky Powerless Shalavas! from October 2002 was recorded in the back of Artswatch before a Sapat show using battery powered equipment only and it's surprisingly gnarly.


Any Sport in a Porn

Any Sport in a Porn is another way forward through loops.

Plucky Creamy Porn Stars

19 Plucky Creamy Porn Stars come out from hiding in late April 2001. Then two Creamy Porn Stars come streaming through the air in late July.

Unafraid Creamy Porn Stars

Dig Freakin’ Open Crotch Comfort

Then, as if things were not interesting enough already Seventeen Creamy Porn Stars Dig Freakin’ Open Crotch Comfort really does the trick.

Infinite Seduction

Never ending in its perfection Infinite Seduction from November 1st, 1998 continues the tradition started with Zanoisect - The Theme from Endless.

Clear Poisonous Solitude

Clear Poisonous Solitude the fifteenth Cream Porn Star is a stark, noisy, ringing, chiming, beeping, tweaking whirlwind. Slowly developing, ever twittering, this work, recorded in early August 1998, utilizes new equipment purchases in a single-minded reserved and unnerving tapestry.

Candy Plastic Symbol

After 13 releases I realized I hadn't done a noisy CPS work, and so Candy Plastic Symbol goes out to the noise labels I'm writing like Weird Vision, JTY Tapes, Abnormal, etc.

Charminar Please Sir

Thirteen Creamy Porn Stars: Charminar, Please Sir is actually kinda funky and hip.

Can Penny Say: "Ask Your Niece the Mothra"?

Candor Perfectly Sanguine

Brain Noring at FDR Tapes pointed out that some of them, 7 and 9 for instance, were best heard on headphones, while 10 and 11 should be screaming out of a set of speakers.

Color Penetrates Sex

Cork's Poignant Slide

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Curvaceous Pencil Shavings

Starting in October 1997 I spent quite a bit of time sampling and looping recordings from my vast home-taper collaborative tapes... and when I get them going, just so, you'll be pleased at the result.

Copper Painted Suds

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Cream Porn

Creamy Porn Stars Crave Man-Sized Pleasure

Delectable Creamy Porn Stars

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Fully Reversible Creamy Porn Stars

The Undulating Creamy Porn Star Delegation

The Attack of the Creamy Porn Stars